5 Filmmaking Mistakes to avoid

As a Filmmaker I did a lot of Mistakes and I know now which ones I should avoid when shooting films. These are in my opinion the TOP 5 most common mistakes you should avoid as a Filmmaker. Thank you so much for watching my videos. Your support means the absolute world to me and…

Great Filmmaking Books

My TOP 5 selection of Filmmaking books you should read if you want to learn a bit more. I purpose filmmakers to read at least 3 of this books.

How to Shoot a Music Video

I shot a music video for a band called CHALK for the song “Everything” and This is a little break down of the steps we took in Pre production (budget, idea, moodboard, storyboard, editing) . This video is a reflection of how you can break down your shoot into different steps on HOW TO SHOOT…

Color Theory in Films

Color is one of the most powerful tools you’ll use as a filmmaker.
Break down of basic color theory for those who may not know much about it

How to Shoot a Dialogue Scene

Dialog scenes introduce us to characters, give us info, and even create tension.

The video will show you the basic techniques of shooting a dialog scene.

How to Use a Clapper Board

A clapperboard is used to help synchronize picture and sound, marking the scenes and takes recorded during the shoot.